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5 Beginner Escape Rooms in L.A.

Escape rooms have something to offer everyone: challenging puzzles, camaraderie and teamwork, immersive elements, and more.

However, escape rooms may not seem like something meant for every taste; the idea of solving a set of difficult mysteries while on the clock – and often with actors in full character interacting with participants – can sound like a pretty daunting idea of fun.

Luckily, there are plenty of beginner escape rooms in Los Angeles that are perfect for those wanting to test their wits in a relatively low-stress way, some of which are even child-friendly.

If you want to dip your toe in the world of escape rooms, then this guide’s for you.

In this family-friendly version of Questroom’s “Malediction,” the premise of this fantasy-themed escape room involves participants breaking into an evil witch’s home to concoct a magical potion that will save the life of a brave warrior.

Kids and adults alike will love “Spell Breakers” for its clever puzzles, interactions with live actors, and special effects.

60out Escape Rooms “The Smurfs” is based on everyone’s favorite blue-skinned elven creatures, making it another experience that you can bring the little ones to. Participants start by learning about the celebration being organized by Papa Smurf and Smurfette. With the Tree Spirit conjured and a magic portal opened, you’ll then embark on a journey to Smurf Village.

While the more whimsical elements may not entice those over the age of 10, older participants will delight in the wonderfully detailed production values of this experience.

For those looking for something a little more adventurous, “Pharaoh’s Tomb” by Maze Rooms will give you what you’re looking for. Participants play archeologists on the search for the tomb of Amenhotep the Fifth, which is said to house all kinds of ancient wonders and treasures. However, can you succeed where so many have failed?

“Pharaoh’s Tomb” is one of the more cinematic escape rooms on this list, and is designed in the vein of such films as “The Mummy” and the “Indiana Jones” series. While there are plenty of difficult mysteries to be solved, there are staff members on hand to offer hints when needed.

American Old West gunman and outlaw Billy the Kid was allegedly killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett in New Mexico for his murders of multiple men. However, rumors have persisted that Billy and Pat were in cahoots, absconding with the $500 bounty and evading the law together.

In this unique escape room experience, participants are sent back in time to 1881 to find out what really happened to these two mysterious figures. Did the two men really help each other disappear with a large sum of money? Or did something else happen to them?

On the spookier end of things, we have “Captive Chamber” by Horror Escapes LA. Here, participants find themselves in the prison cell of Dr. X, who’s capturing innocent victims and turning them into zombies. With only 50 minutes to spare, you must rummage through the belongings of previous prisoners to find a way out of the chamber – before Dr. X arrives!

While not as intense or challenging as the other HELA experiences, “Captive Chamber” is recommended for guests 12 years and older. There are no live actors, but the atmosphere is still pretty creepy.

Horror Escapes LA offers four different escape rooms, each with its own set of puzzles and thrilling surprises. Click here to book your experience today!

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