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Horror Escape Rooms, Events & Experiences

Horror Escapes LA offers some of the best horror-themed escape rooms, immersive experiences, and events in the Los Angeles area. Our escape rooms will test your bravery and your wits as you attempt to save yourself from Dr. X and his "experiments". Each room is carefully themed and curated to create an all-encompassing horror atmosphere. On select days, you may even discover you're not alone in there! Please check the details for each room to choose one appropriate for your group size and desired difficulty level.

We also host special events, ranging from spooky film screenings to full-on haunted walkthrough experiences.
Be sure to check in regularly so you don't miss a beat! 

We look forward to hosting you, challenging you, and maybe even terrifying you!
captive chamber

5 players max

50 minutes


no live actors

This is where Dr. X keeps his patients hostage before turning them into ... well, best not think about it! Can you escape using items other captives left behind?

Great for couples, small groups, and beginners.

*No live actors

doctor's office

10 players max

50 mins


live actors

This isn't your typical doctor's office - this is Dr. X's office where he plans all his zombie experiments! Better get out before he comes back!

This room is excellent for those looking for a challenge.

*Live actors are available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, as well as Saturday during the day.

10 players max

50 minutes


*live actors 

A makeshift laboratory where Dr. X performs his unusual experimental surgeries. You do NOT want to be caught snooping around in here!

Great for beginner and intermediate groups.

*Live actors are available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, as well as Saturday during the day.


8 players max

50 minutes


*live actors


Descend into the restless mind of a demented scientist.

Will you solve the method to his madness and save yourselves, or will you too succumb to the effects of his sleepless delirium? 

Great for those looking for a challenge. 

*Live actors are required

Wow, just absolutely wow! Do not judge this book by any cover. Although our experience in the captive chamber was a simple room, it was never the less an extremely captivating experience and fun for both me and a friend of mine. Solving the clues was pretty understandable, and with only two help clues, we finished in a decent timeframe. After a failed attempt elsewhere, (for a ridiculously large price at another company's room, okay, but extremely complex for a first-time run) this experience at Horror Escapes LA was a time I will remember. Thanks to the staff working, I forgot your names but the cool girls in black!! I'll be back for another room soon.

Michael J. - Yelp

We did their immersive event Dr. X Haunted Experience 10/25/2022 at 830, and it was awesome. Actors were great, we had no clue what to expect from start to finish it had us going; we did run scared at points. Kudos to the actors for putting on a fantastic show.

Daniel B.  - Yelp

I was organizing a small party for me and my coworkers, and I was looking for an escape room. Everything went even better than I expected. From the initial request till the party was over, Rachel was very attentive and responsive. I was very impressed with her exceptional customer service.

We booked 2 rooms (zombie lab and doctor’s office) and also we rented lounge room in between. I planned to bring a cake and hire an actor to sing a birthday song. The actor(sadly I didn’t catch her name) was amazing! We had great time and laughed a lot!

Now to the rooms : we all loved them.

The atmosphere was there. Music, decor; actor. Puzzles were tricky and that’s what you expect from escape rooms, right?
At the end we ended up renting third room and we didn’t regret it. It didn’t have an actor but we still had fun!

I would highly recommend to check them out if you like horror themed escape rooms.

Adiya A. - Google

I absolutely LOVE Escape Rooms & have played all 3 of Horror Escapes LA rooms. The staff is very welcoming and polite. I had an issue with an online booking and Rachel was very helpful. The setup is pretty creepy from the entrance to the exit. The rooms are so much fun but put your thinking caps on. Oh and the live actors scared the heck out of me. I'm 2/3 so I'll have to go back for the Doctor's Office soon.

Chanel J.  - Yelp

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