What are your business hours?

Monday-Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday-Saturday: 5:30pm-1am

Sunday: 11am-1am

**Please note all hours are subject to change due to bookings or lack thereof, Please see real time time-slot availability through the booking process on our website or email info@horrorescapesla.com for any schedule inquiries.

How do I book a room?

Select "Book Now" to view our real-time availability for all of our rooms. If you see a room that has other tickets already purchased, that means if you book tickets for that room, you will be playing with other people from the general public.


How can I book a private room for myself and my party?

All rooms are private. Refer to the room descriptions (either Dr. X series or Edmonds Attic)  for the desired room and its player capacities. 

When should I arrive for my scheduled time?

In order to ensure the best experience possible for our participants, we REQUIRE you to check in 15 MINUTES prior to your scheduled start time.


If I’m late, can I still play? 

If you arrive late and arrive after your scheduled start time, we won’t be able to accommodate you and your reservation will be cancelled.  We do not refund due to blocking out that space from the public, but you may email:  info@horrorescapesla.com to reschedule your missed game by paying a $30 reschedule fee.

Horror Escapes LA requires that all players arrive 15 minutes earlier than their scheduled game time. 


Can I book by phone or walk-in? 

No.  All bookings need to be made in advance and paid through our website.


Is it possible to cancel or reschedule the reservation? 

You may reschedule the reservation 48 hours prior to your time slot. Please email us at info@horrorescapesla.com.  There will be NO refunds for cancellations. Any last minute reschedules will be subject to a $30 rescheduling fee.



Is it possible to get a refund for the difference of a promo code? 

No -- promo codes MUST be entered by the customer at the time of checkout while making a reservation with us. Promo codes CANNOT be applied to a purchase after it is completed and no refunds will be made.



Can I change the number of participants after booking online? 

Yes, to make a change, you can contact us via email: info@horrorescapesla.com. Otherwise, please refer to our cancellation policy above as we require 48 hours notice for all reservation requests.


Can I book a corporate event? 

Yes, please contact us via email: info@horrorescapesla.com and let us know how many players you'd like us to host as well as desired date and time. We do offer a corporate rate and a flexible schedule to accommodate your private event.


Can I split my voucher into two rooms? 

No, Vouchers are a one-time use.  The voucher is applied to one room and visit.


Can I add additional players to my voucher at checkout? 

No, Vouchers may only be redeemed for the number of players purchased for and cannot be combined with any other promo codes. If you have a friend or family member that would like to join your existing reservation and you are not maxing out the capacity of the room, you can pay the additional ticket price when you arrive.

What is the recommended age for the game? 

Required age for participants is 14 years of age with the accompany of an adult. Any players aged 16-17 must have an adult aged 18+ present with them for game time as they will be added to the adult waiver. Our age limit is strictly enforced due to the content and themes of our puzzles.


Can I sign my waiver ahead of time? 

No, waivers must be signed in person upon check-in for game time; please arrive 15 minutes prior to game time to sign your waiver & receive orientation and rules.


What are the time limits for the rooms? 

Captives are given 50 mins to escape their room. Customers must arrive 15 minutes before their booked time for registration purposes. 


Where can we store our personal belongings during the game? 

Lockers are provided in the lobby with lock and key, free of charge.


What should I wear? 

We recommend comfortable attire that allows you to move throughout our rooms with ease. Casual attire is suggested for your overall game time experience; sneakers are best for feet as you will be on your feet for the entirety of gameplay. Absolutely NO high heels of any kind allowed -- sneakers and flat shoes only.  You may wear your own mask or a disposable mask will be provided to you.


Can we bring electronic devices into the room? 

No cameras, phones, or videos are allowed in our rooms.  We ask all players to store electronics in the lockers provided. If you are found to be playing a game with one of these devices, you will be immediately removed from the game and no refund will be issued.


What should I do if I do not feel well during the game? 

If you do not feel well during the game, Yell the panic word "SAFETY" and a staff member will enter to retrieve you.


During the game, you may experience loud noises, potentially offensive smells, claustrophobic conditions, and possible allergens. We want you to be aware that the game may also include strobe lights. Strobe lights have been known to cause potential adverse physical and medical reactions, including but not limited to photosensitive epilepsy. Please advise a Horror Escapes LA staff member if any of your team members have any medical or psychological conditions that prevent you/them from participating in our games.


Can we play while intoxicated? 

No. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any intoxicated parties.  If you show up for a game intoxicated, we will not refund you or your party and we will not be able to accommodate you; please arrive sober for game time to avoid any issues.




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