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How can I book a private room for myself and my party?

All rooms are private on all days.

When should I arrive?

To ensure the best experience possible, we REQUIRE you to check in 15 MINUTES before your scheduled start time.


If I'm late, can I still play? 

If you arrive after your scheduled game, you can only be able to accommodate your group to play the remaining time allotted for your game. For example, if your gameplay is from 6 pm-6:50 pm and you arrive at 6:30 pm, your group can only play until 6:50 pm (20 mins). This ensures plenty of time to properly clean and reset the room before the next group arrives. We do not refund due to blocking out that room and hiring staff for your group specifically when reserved, but you may email: to reschedule your missed game by paying a $30 rescheduling fee.

Horror Escapes LA requires that all players arrive 15 minutes earlier than their scheduled game time. 

Do you accept walk-ins? 

Yes, we do accept walk-ins, yet we suggest booking ahead of time to secure a room. Walk-in accommodations depend on availability at that time. 


Is it possible to cancel or reschedule the reservation? 

You may reschedule your booking up to 48 hours before your time slot to avoid a $30 rescheduling fee.

Please EMAIL US to reschedule your booking.

There will be NO refunds for cancellations.

Any reschedules within 48 hours of the scheduled game time will be subject to a $30 rescheduling fee.



Can I get a refund for a promo code I didn't initially apply? 

No -- promo codes MUST be entered by the customer at checkout while making a reservation with us online. Promo codes CAN NOT be applied to purchases after completion, and no refunds will be made.



Can I change the number of participants after booking online? 

Yes! You can add more people to your booking by  EMAILING US. You cannot deduct /reduce the number of people from your booking once you are within 48 hours of your game time. 

What is the required age to attend? 

The required age for participants is 12 years old and older. Any players aged 12-17 must be added to the adult waiver and accompanied by an adult in the room.


Can I sign my waiver ahead of time? 

Yes, All waivers must be signed before arriving. Please share the received link with all participants in your group before arriving.


What are the time limits for the rooms? 

Captives are given 50 mins to escape their room! Once the 50 mins have passed and you did not successfully escape, your game has ended.


Where can we store our personal belongings during the game? 

You may bring your belongings with your group and set them aside in your room.


What should I wear? 

We recommend comfortable attire that allows you to move easily throughout our rooms. Casual dress and close-toed shoes- sneakers are best, as you will be on your feet for your entire visit.  


Can we bring electronic devices into the room? 

You may keep your items in your pockets, but no cameras, phones, or videos are allowed to use in the rooms. We ask all players to store electronics in their pockets for the game. If a visitor is found using one of these devices during the game, they will be immediately removed, and no refund will be issued.

Can we play while intoxicated? 

No. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any intoxicated parties. If you show up for a game drunk, we will not refund you and will not be able to accommodate you; please arrive sober for game time to avoid any issues.



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