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  • Rachel Foti

Diary of Dr. X, Entry #1- Opening Day.

Transcription of a Journal once owned by the infamous Doctor *******.

Entry Dated June 4th, 1978.

"I've done it! I've finally opened a private clinic in order to conduct my experiments. I am pleased to escape the overbearing presence of my former supervisors- they never believed in my work. Not really.

My beloved wife Betty joined me in the opening of the new clinic. I've even made living quarters for her comfort if she chooses to stay with me during my long nights of experimentation.

The clinic, of course, has everything I need to conduct my experiments on the theory that certain people have genetic mutations which may make them resistant to cellular death. Because my research requires living tissue samples, as well as lengthy patient observation, I needed space for their stay, a space for the experiments, and another for my own research. For the experiments themselves, I have a Lab. For the research and paperwork, I have my Office. And for the patient's stay in the clinic... Well, they'll be kept comfortable."

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