Who is Dr. X?​

Dr. David Shulman, AKA "DR. X",  was a renowned Doctor and Professor from Harrisburg, PA.  His advances in the field of Genetic Engineering earned him a hefty endowment to further his work at The Heck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. 

Sadly, his wife became ill with an unknown, crippling virus.  As her sickness progressed,  it consumed all of his time and resources. His treatments became more experimental and more desperate.  He was forced out of the University due to his very questionable methods.  He realized the only way to continue helping his wife was to move the practice and his limited resources into a warehouse behind the family home.  

As hope grew more faint, Dr. X experimented with new  and toxic regimens to extend her life.  The experiments served to buy more time, but also morphed her cell composition making her viciously insane and extremely aggressive.  Ultimately, he reached the inevitable conclusion that he would need healthy tissue and "un-tainted" subjects to reverse the radical state and maintaining any hope of returning her to her normal, healthy self.

In order to lure "healthy subjects" to his Lab, he ingeniously  fabricated a medical trial to test a new experimental drug to treat "Anxiety & Depression". Not surprisingly, the response was overwhelming.  Now, Dr. X has ample resources to further his diabolical obsession to cure his wife.

He is passionately driven to find a cure- NO MATTER HOW MANY PATIENTS HE MUST CAPTURE AND TORTURE.  



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