Horror Escapes LA offers immersive experiences with our sister company The Coun'ts Den.  These experiences involve live performers and storytelling that carries you through a surreal experience.


Café du Mime

 April 17th - May 8th, 2022 📆
$55 per person 💵
90 minutes ⏱
21+ only 🔎
Food and drinks included 🥂

Welcome to Café du Mime: a pleasantly weird brunch in a place forgotten by time. Have you ever seen a real-life mime before? Well, wait no more! We’ve got plenty of them! Come see what they have to show you whilst enjoying bottomless mimosas and an assortment of brunch bites. There is no better way to begin a Sunday.

Mysterian color promo.png

"Mysterian's Mysterious Mysteries"  Ep. Jack the Ripper

 April 15th - May 6th, 2022 📆
$25 per person 💵
75 minutes ⏱
21+ only 🔎
Snack and refreshments available for purchase 🥤

Grab a blanket and cozy up to the screen for Mysterian's next mystery: Jack the Ripper.  This is a one-of-a-kind show where you'll watch our storyteller narrate from a screen in conjunction with a LIVE one-man performance, dressing up as the characters and providing more context to the mystery.  Enjoy beverages and snacks for purchase at our concession stand.

transit room 32 promo.JPEG

Transit Room #32

April 16th - May 7th, 2022 📆
$55 per person 💵
90 minutes ⏱
16+ 🔎

We invite you to join us on a fully immersive journey through the in-between. This purgatorial realm is host to a vast collection of lost souls embodying the vagaries of good and evil. Are they deserving of damnation or forgiveness? That is for you to judge, though you must remember to keep one eye fixed inward, lest you too end up forever lost in Transit Room #32.

 🚨Content Warning: Some scenes and interactions involve subject matter that may be sensitive to some- including sexual scenarios, crude jokes, death, murder, loss. The show also may contain fog and flashing lights.

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